Friday, October 25, 2013

Being a Teacher

For one of my classes this week I needed to create a blog and make a post about my teaching philosophy. I figured I could just use the blog I already have...maybe that will give me more motivation to post more often. For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to be a teacher. I pretended to be a teacher and made my younger brothers be my students. I think I have always wanted to be a teacher because I want to make a difference in someone's life. I have had many great teachers throughout my education and they have definitely helped me progress and succeed! I can't wait to graduate and be a teacher. I will be fulfilling many goals I have set for myself. I can't wait to make a difference. There are so many resources out there to help teachers become better.
The 3 educational blogs I found are:

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easter...and Guns...

So Easter is a great holiday and it was great to be home with the family. We sure did celebrate! I finally met my new baby cousin Hailey who was born while I was on my mission! She is adorable! It is also nice to have another girl in the family! We had a fun family BBQ and of course no Easter is complete without an egg sure was a hard one...we couldn't find two of the will be a summer surprise! Then it was out to the middle of nowhere to roast hot dogs, shoot guns, and ride the 4 wheeler. It sure is fun to be with the family! I am so grateful for the atonement if Jesus Christ! I know He lives! He loves us and wants us to return to live with him! I hope you all had a great holiday as well!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Final Letter Home

Hey Family and Friends!! Wow where to begin....I never ever thought this day would come, but now it is here!! This last week has been a roller coaster of emotions!! But it has been pretty great! I will give you a quick run down! So Tuesday was p-day and it was a BLAST!! We went to the Canada Sports Hall of Fame museum! It was 100% interactive and we got to learn lots about sports and do lots of fun things. We could have spent lots more time there...but p-day came to an end too quickly. Then we had supper at the Higham's house. They fixed us a Valentine's dinner since I wouldn't be there for Valentines. Aren't they sweet. Well we basically had to eat and leave because we had to go to the Welcome Fireside for all the new missionaries so that Sister Rice could meet the new sister she is training. Her name is Sister Beasley. She is from Idaho Falls. She is really nice, but a little different. It is difficult being on a three-leg, but poor Sister Beasley has not had a normal first week as a missionary. Fun connections about 2 of the sisters that came out though...Sister Wixom: Sadie met her at Wet Seal and Sister Long: Her dad was my grade 6 teacher!! Crazy eh?? It is such a small world! Well then Wednesday was another great day. We went to transfers!! So I got to see most of my favorite sisters to say goodbye to them!! Then we took Sister Beasley home to let her unpack and took her shopping and to the library so she could email her family. Then we went back to study...the great thing about training a new missionary...2 hours of comp study!!! Well then we went to my Farewell Fireside. It was great and I actually held my emotions together better than I thought I would...Sister Rice was crying more than I was. It was great though...we watched a slide show of pictures from all the departing missionaries and then we all had to do a musical number...that we found out about when we got there...and then we all bore our testimonies. After that we got to mingle and talk to all the people that we had invited. It was so great to see most of my favorite people here in Canada!! A lot of the goodbyes have been difficult...but I like to think that they are more like see you laters! Thursday we had weekly planning then went to see Sister Hobbs and cleaned her house. And then we had supper with the Mooney's. After that we all went to the Richmond Ward RS activity. It was all about creating a positive change. Fitting I know... Friday we had to finish our weekly planing and then we met with Sandra. We had a great time with her!! She is so special to me and has made so much progress in the last month or so!! I just love her. We talked with her about priesthood/patriarchal blessings. She already has her patriarchal blessing which is great and then she said she would really like a priesthood blessing. So we set that up for her. That night we had supper with the Sorenson's. Their son just got home from his mission in Dec and is already engaged to a girl he met there...crazy!! Saturday was an amazing day!! So we got to go to the TEMPLE!!! President Nicholas has a new tradition that he takes the departing missionaries to the temple on their last Saturday. It was so great because the Calgary temple has been such a big part of my mission. It was great to spend a little bit more time there before I leave. The Calgary Temple will always be my temple!! I just love the temple so much and can't wait to be able to attend the temple more regularly. When we got back we went to see Carmen and she is doing great like usual. Then that night we had supper with Sister Thomas and Laura. The Elders were also there and also Sister Hyde. It was a blast. We played a fun game where we all had to say 3 things that nobody knew about us. It was pretty difficult! For the lesson we played Stay on the Path and talked about the commandments. Laura had so much fun!!  And then finally we went to see Sister Ford. She is amazing!! She is going through so much, yet has such a great attitude about life! Sunday was the day that things really started to become real that I am leaving because I had to say lots of goodbyes at church. But it was such a good day at church. After church Sandra received a priesthood blessing and it was incredible!! It addressed all the concerns that she had and it really helped her. I think it really increased her testimony! Well that night, we had supper with the Mathewsons. He is actually from Ogden and went to Weber High!! They are a pretty great family...he was recently called into the bishopric. That night we had a lesson with the Ford's. We let them play with cornstarch and was a fun object lesson, and they loved relating it to the gospel. So as I have been reflecting on my mission lately I have been overcome with love from our Heavenly Father. I am so grateful that I was chosen to be part of this great Work!! I am honored to where Christ's name everyday and to represent Him!! I have met the most amazing people here in Canada and I am sad to leave all of them behind. I have loved watching the Atonement become part of peoples lives. I have been able to watch people as they apply the Atonement to their lives that they become happy and excited about what lies ahead. It is such an incredible feeling to be able to watch someone become converted. I also had the once in a lifetime opportunity to play such a huge role in the Calgary Temple Open House! That was really one of the best parts of my mission! I have been blessed with great companions that have all helped me be a better missionary! I was able to serve in great areas where I truly came to know and love the people! This experience really has been the best thing I have ever had! I will never regret the choice I made to be a missionary. Thank you to all of you! You are the ones that helped me!! Thanks Mom and Dad!! It is because of all the things you taught me and have done for me that I am even here. Thanks to all my siblings and your letters! Thanks to my grandparents and all your love and support. Thanks to all my wonderful aunts and uncles and cousins!! Your letters and email meant the world to me! Thanks to all the teachers I have ever was in all those classes that my gospel knowledge started to grow! Thank you to all my friends!! Jenessa and Jenny...your letters literally saved me! I love you guys!! Thank you to anyone who reads my makes it all worth it!! I know that the church is true!! I know that we are all children of our Heavenly Father. He loves us so much!! I know Joseph Smith is a prophet of God. Through him the Church of Jesus Christ was restored! I know these things because I have read the Book of Mormon and prayed to know that it is true. The Book of Mormon is true!! I know that Thomas S. Monson is the prophet today. He leads and guides this Church. I know the priesthood is the power of God. I know that families are meant to be together forever! I love my family and I am so grateful for them. I know the Atonement is real. It is how we can be forgiven of our sins and one day return to live with our Father in Heaven. I love this gospel! I am so grateful I have been a representative of Jesus Christ for the last 18 months!!! Thank you for all your love and support!! I will see you soon! I love you!!
Love, Sister Kaitlyn Marchant

February 4, 2013

Hey Family and Friends!! How are you all?? Well things are going pretty great up here in Canada...we didn't have that exciting of a week, but we did stay busy! So here goes...I will tell you all about it!! Well Monday was p-day was just usual, after we did everything we needed to do, we went to see the Sisters in the office and then went to the church...while we were there, we watched the Elders play basketball. But when Laura got there, we played some games with her! It was fun. Then we had supper with the Gough's. It sure was most food here in Canada!! Tuesday was FREEZING COLD!!!! -35C! It was so cold. But we were still missionaries. So we had DDM's and then lunch. When we got back to our area, we had to make a bunch of copies of some ESL material for Sonia. Then the Stanfords brought us will never guess what they brought us!!! COSTA VIDA!!!! It finally made it to Canada...and it was so yummy! I don't know how I have lived without that food for this long! It was just like I remember! Then we were headed to ESL, when we got a phone call that it was canceled because it was 'too cold' outside....we live in CANADA...nothing is too cold here. But since we didn't have ESL, we were able to go meet with Sonia and talk with her in English. She is doing so great!! She is so funny and she told us all about how her and Enrique, her husband, met! It was a pretty great story. Wednesday we started our day at Sister Ford's house! She needed some help moving some heavy we were able to offer our services. Then after lunch, we went to see Carmen. Today we took someone with us. She is from 4th ward...Sister Nystevold...her sister-in-law was in a tragic accident and has a severe brain injury. One of her friends had given her a copy of Carmen's book to read and she was loving it. She wanted to purchase 15 copies for her family!! So we took her to meet Carmen. It was great! And it was incredible to hear about both Carmen's story and Sister Nystevold's sister-in-law as well. Carmen was ecstatic that she wanted to buy her books! This is exactly what she wants her book to do!! She was just so happy. Well that night our dinner canceled, so we had a fun cold night of stop-bys. Thursday was weekly planning! I am not going to lie...I can't wait to not do that anymore!! That night we had supper with the Larsen's. Their grandson is Elder Merrill who is now serving in Grandma's mission!! Then we had a lesson with the Fords. They are doing great! That night we were just enjoying ourselves when the phone rang. It was the Assistants...we were expecting a training call for Sister Rice. But they didn't say anything about it...they were just asking us about details for our next p-day because we have something fun planned...well as soon as they hung up, Elder Ferrell called and asked if Sister Rice had gotten a training call...we explained what had just happened and then he said, "Oh wait, I have someone on the other line that has something they need to tell you..." It was the Assistants and they told her that she was going to be training! She is going to be a great trainer!! Friday we got to go to the East because we had to get our oil changed. That was fun to drive around over there again. Then we had a lesson with Sandra. She is so great!! I love her so much. So she is definitely progressing. For our lesson we watched the Restoration movie, and we were a little nervous because of the last time we tried to teach the Restoration and she was very defensive, but she really enjoyed it and had a lot of comments! She told us how she feels so welcome at church and that she thinks she is headed in the right direction!! Then that night we had supper with Sister Sells. She is great and showed us all of the sewing projects she is working on! She is very talented! Saturday was a fun day because we went to the Trainer's Training. That was really fun because we got to see all of the other Sisters that are training. I really thought that Sister Brower would be training...but she isn't. Next transfer. It was a great training and then President Nicholas gave all the Sisters permission to go out to lunch at Peter's. It is a famous Calgary Drive In. It was really good and it was fun to have that experience...especially with all of the Sisters. Well then we went to see the Ivany's one last time before I leave. Sister Ivany is so great and her kids are so cute! They are just so loving! That night our dinner canceled, but the Stanfords called and asked if we could come over. It was great, and we had so much fun with them. That night we had a lesson with Christy. We talked about Agency and Accountability in the FSOY. Sunday was just a normal fast Sunday...except for the fact that I realized it was my last opportunity to bear my testimony. I am so grateful for this opportunity I have had to serve here in Canad!! Well after Sacrament we went to Gospel Principles. Brother Walters was going to teach...since we still have no WML, but he forgot, so we quickly threw something together as we went. Sandra came to church again and this week she wanted to go to Gospel Doctrine. It was great! I have really missed that class. That night we had supper with the Salleh family and then we had a lesson with the Fords. Monday was a crazy day!! We had a zone meeting where we had to go over some zone/mission business. It was less than exciting and then we went to lunch. On our way home we stopped by the office to give them some cookies and some paperwork to Elder Wansgard. Every time we go to the office Sister Rice asks if she has any mail...she often doesn't, but for some reason I do...I am going home this happened again and I am still getting mail!! It is crazy...I expected that to stop over a month ago. But thanks to Grandma I still am getting letters!! It is just kind of funny. Every time Sister Wansgard gives me a letter, I tell her it is going to be the last one. Well then we went to Sister Sells and vaccumed her house and then we had supper with the Istvanffy's. They are great. Well then I had to start packing...because we are getting a new missionary, I have to give up my bed, dresser, closet, and desk...that means I get to live out of suitcases for the next week! yay me! Well I hope you all had a wonderful week! Have another great week this week!! I sure do love and miss you all!!
Love, Sister Kaitlyn Marchant

January 29, 2013

Hey Family and Friends!Oh goodness what a week!! It was a pretty good one though...can't complain. It was a week full of laughter! I love Sister Rice she makes my life so fun and hilarious!! So are you ready to hear all about our week?! Well we will start with was P-DAY!!! We had a combined p-day with the East zone!! That meant we got to be with Sister Hayes and Sister Sagers! It was fun. It was also very convenient because I was given calling privliges to call people and invite them to my farewell fireside in a few instead of using some of my phone calls...since I only get 20...I used their phone to call some people I love in Chestermere!! It was great! Laura also came to our p-day activities so we played some card games. Then we went to the Ivany's house for supper. It was great and her kids were just as hyper as ever!Tuesday we had DDM's....the actual teaching part was really good, but there wasn't a whole lot of that...I wish DL's took DMs seriously. Well then we went out to lunch and on our way home, we stopped by the mission office to give the missionaries there some cookies we had made for our meeting. As we were walking out, the AP's were walking in and one of them asked us if we wanted to watch the slideshow for the farewell fireside...I came to the conclusion that I am going to be an absolute mess that day! Well by the time we got through all the traffic back to our area, we did a few stop-bys and then went to supper at the Higham's! It was great as usual and very tasty! They are incredible!! One day when I have more time, I will tell you their story! Then we went to since we had so many students and they are all at different levels of learning English, we are going to start having 2 classes...We are teaching the beginners. So we took a few of them and worked on building their vocabulary. It was really fun and I realized how hard it really is to learn English.Wednesday we went to Jennie's. It has been almost a month since we had been there, so it was great to be able to serve her. She wanted our help moving a giant hot we enlisted the help of the Elders...and we were able to do it. Then we went to see Carmen. We helped her with her family history and helped her prepare some names to take to the temple. It was great! I love family history!! I really have caught the family history bug!! That night we had dinner with the Morgan's. So everyday Sister Rice asks me, "I wonder what we are having for dinner? I hope its enchiladas..." I think I have maybe had enchiladas once on my entire mission, so it is funny that she says that everyday. But we were telling Sister Morgan about that when she made us Mexican food last time, so tonight she made enchiladas! It was really funny! On our way home that night, we needed to grab something from the church library...and we only have one set of church keys, on my car keys...well we had been there earlier because we had to make a couple copies and my keys weren't in my I thought we had locked them in the was when we got home that Sister Rice pulled out both sets of keys from her coat pocket. It was pretty hilarious and we laughed about it for a long time. Thursday was a busy day for us! We started our weekly planning and then we went to the Morgan's house to have lunch. She made us lunch and we helped her do a few a few weeks ago when we had dinner with us, we did a lesson about families and I drew pictures of both our family and Sister Rice's family and we use that as part of our lesson. So she had a friend that has some missionaries out and they are having a hard time right now, so she wanted to do something for she enlisted me to draw them a picture of their family. It turned out pretty cute if I do say so myself! And while I was doing that Sister Rice was helping her make invitations for the clothing exchange the stake is having in March. Then we went to see Sister Hobbs. She told us of all the missionary experiences she is having and then we cleaned her house. After that we went to dinner with the Schlicters. But it was only Sister Schlicter. It was great and we had a great evening with her. And finally we had a lesson with the Ford's about the priesthood and how it is the authority from God. We focused on this because Lorenzo is receiving the priesthood on Sunday!! Friday was another busy day. We started off at Jennie's again. We took down all of her Christmas took a lot less time to take everything down that it did to put everything up! We were there for a long time though. Then we had a lesson with Sandra. She was a little bit down today, but she really opened up in our lesson. We talked about the Liahona and how the scriptures are our liahona today. So she commited to read the scriptures more and also commited herself to pray more frequently. It was great. Then we had a lesson with Christy. We decided to review all of the standard in the FSOY we have taught so far. She really surprised me by how much she knew and remembered!! That night we had dinner with Sister Ford and while we were there, we also helped her assemble some kitchen stools. I am becoming so handy! Saturday we finished our weekly planning and then for a few hours, we went to see Sonia...she was just baptized, but she doesnt' speak we went to talk with her. She is doing well, but she just needs lots and lots of practice! So that was really fun. We taught her how to pray in English. It was another reminder to us how hard it is to learn English. Well then we had supper with Sister Thomas and Laura!! That was so great! They are some of my favorite people! We will always be friends! We watched the movie "The Labour of Love" with them. It was made in the 80's and it is funny. But it had a line in it that really stood out to me....the missionary says "It's not easy, but it sure helps to have a perfect message." And isn't that the truth!! Anyways then we had a lesson with Sister Kamenka. She is so funny....but so intimidating!! So we had a very intense lesson! We were talking about the Book of Mormon and she had lots of hard questions...but miraculously through the Spirit, we were able to answer all of them. The lesson was nothing we had expected or planned for, but it was great! And it was completely by the spirit!! It was great! Sunday was a great day! We began our day dark and early at Ward Council and then started our day of church. It was a great day there! We also taught gospel principles because we still have no WML. And Sandra came to chruch again!! She stayed all three hours again and this week she didn't even go to 'her' church...the United church. It was great! That night we had supper with the Loewer's in 4th ward and that was great. Finally we had a stellar lesson with the Fords!! We invited Bishop Higham to come because we did a follow up lesson on the priesthood and the responsibilities of the it was great to have him there!! We all had a great time and I learned a lot about the priesthood!! It was great!!So that was all about our great week!! Being a missionary is great!! You should all try it!! Pray for missionary experiences!! It is awesome to be an intrument in the Lord's hands!!
Well I hope you all have a fabulous week!! I love and miss you all! 
Love, Sister Kaitlyn Marchant

Saturday, January 26, 2013

January 21, 2013

Hey Family and Friends!!! Well this week wasn't too exciting for us...I hope you all had a great week though!! But just like always I will tell you about all of our adventures!! So we begin with Monday...remember how that is p-day and it is supposed to be fun...well we were at the church waiting for all the Elders to get there...we fell asleep in our car for like an hour...and then we finally called some elders...they "forgot" to inform us that nobody was coming...well that was a waste. So we hung out with Laura and played games with her! At least she helped us have fun! Then we met with Kris! It was a great lesson! We taught her about obedience, following the prophet, and the word of wisdom! She has so much faith! So she had done a little bit of research about some of the commandments so the word of wisdom wasn't foreign to her...but she does have some things she will have to give up. But her attitude is that if she knows what we are teaching her is true, and she does, that this is part of the deal! It was a great lesson. We didn't set a firm date for baptism with her, because we don't know when her husband will be worthy to do is probably looking like March or April though...I am just so grateful I have got to be part of her conversion process!! Well after our lesson with them, we had to clean our car for car inspections...that sure was fun in the dark...and in the snow. Tuesday morning we went to the dentist, because Sister Rice thought she had a thousand cavities...but she didn't have a single one. But then we had to hurry and get to DDM's. After that we had car was actually a great day to do it because we had a Chinook this week! It was great...actually above zero!! After we went to lunch, we did our studies and went to dinner with the Stanfords. We had to have dinner early because we actually had to teach we had to get ready for that and make copies of things. I was terrified to actually be the ESL teacher...but it was so much fun!! We only had 3 students there, but it was a blast. We compared our home countries to Canada. It was fun! Wednesday was not an exciting day...we did a bunch of stop-bys and then went to see Bill...he was drunk out of his mind and was hitting on both of us. We didn't think that was appropriate so we have decided that until he is ready to change, we will let the members of the ward continue to help him...but it just wasn't appropriate for Sisters...It is really sad to see someone like that. Then we went to see Carmen. She had another project for us to do. She asked us to find some scriptures in the Book of Mormon about the Saviours birth...there are lots of them, and she wanted some specific ones...but we found all of them and typed them up for her. She is just so cute! That night we had supper with the Loewer's...our WML in 4th ward. Thursday was weekly planning day and it was also the day that the world started to hate me! When we were on our way to our dinner appt with Sister McGill, I stepped in a giant freezing cold, muddy puddle...but we were already running late and didn't have time to go I was wet and cold the rest of the night. But we had a good evening with Sister McGill. She had a nonmember friend at dinner so that was fun. We taught them the Doctrine of Christ. Then we went to Enrichment night for 4th ward. There we learned all about freezer meals...I learned lots. They had a freezer meal for everyone to sample and then they sent all the left overs with us! These ward love us and take such good care of us! Sister Rice and I have built incredible member trust and we totally have seen lots of success with working with members!! Friday we had a lesson with Sister Jiang and she even gave us a is one of her Chinese friends that doesn't speak English...but she seems pretty interested. That night we had supper with Sister Baker. She took us out to eat at a restaurant. It was great. It was like a treat...but we also felt like we were in the world and it was a little bit terrifying! That night we also had a lesson with Christy. She is about the same and we taught Dress and Appearance from the FSOY pamphlet. Saturday was a pretty busy day. We tried to find some referrals in the morning. And then we had lunch with Michele and Liam. They just moved here from South Africa and he is a recent convert of just over a year. Just a few weeks ago they went through the temple and were sealed! It was great to spend some time with them. They have some pretty great stories!! Then we had a lesson with Sandra. We taught her about the Sacrament and how it blesses our lives. We went home and had dinner and then had a lesson with Sister Kamenka....this is another time the world hated seatbelt attacked me and I huge headache for the rest of the night...I know there are other evidences that the world hates me from this week...I have just chosen to block them from my memory....but nothing could go right for me...anyways back to Sister Kamenka. We had a lesson with her about the Book of Mormon...and it brought out a few we started addressing them and left her with some reading to do for next time! She is great and I just love meeting with her...she is also very intimidating to teach because she studied theology. Sunday was a great day at church! We still have no WML in Richmond we got to teach gospel principles again...but it was a great lesson and had lots of participation. As for 4th ward...our investigators were supposed to come, but didn't...but Sandra did!!! She came and stayed all 3 hours!! It was great! She is totally progressing! And she took a huge step by coming to church! Then we had supper with the Williams! They are great! They had a stake meeting they had to go to so it was pretty fast. Then we took some things to Sister Mooney before we ran to the Fords to have a lesson with them! Well I hope you all have such a great week!! I challenge you all to pray for missionary experiences and then act on the opportunities you are given!! Have a great week this week!! I love and miss you all!! Love, Sister Kaitlyn Marchant Here is a picture of me with the Famous Welcome to Calgary sign...I guess it is about time now that I have almost been here 18 months!

Monday, January 14, 2013

January 14, 2013

Hey Family and Friends!! Well it sounds like you all had a great week!! I bet it is great to have Tanner home! Well we had a pretty good week and I will tell you all about it! So monday was was just like normal. But we were combined with the West zone...that meant we got to talk to and see other sisters! But it wasn't all that exciting. We played dodgeball...but I got nailed in the head 2 times...not my idea of fun...not to mention I had a nice headache for the rest of the day. But we had fun just talking with the sisters and catching up with some of the other missionaries there. When we left, we went to our dinner appt. We ate with the Bracko's. I had never met them so it was fun to get to know more people. Tuesday we had ZTM's. Elder Ferrell is a brand new zone leader and had to do the entire training himself...he has had like 3 different companions already this transfer because they all keep getting special transferred...and he is our only ZL right now...his companion is a JC. But it was a great training. Elder Ferrell is a natural leader and is doing a great job. When we were done, we went to lunch and then we stopped by the office and were able to help the sisters there for just a minute. They are so crazy busy in the office with all the new missionaries we are getting! It is an exciting time in our mission! Then we had to stop by a book binding place because Sister Rice's brand new scriptures are falling apart. The man there told her how she could fix them she saved a bunch of money...and they are just like new. Then we had supper with the Tilleman's. They live in the middle of nowhere and we had a great evening with them. Then we went to was so great to be back and see all of our students! They brought some weird food from wherever they are from and of course I had to try was not made me so grateful I came to Canada where they eat normal food! Wednesday was not too exciting of a day. We just did a bunch of stop-bys...but nobody was home so it was kind of a long day. But then we had a lesson with Carmen. She is so cute. She asked us to help her do something I have never done ever in my life....but I guess there is a first for everything. So remember how she wrote a book...well she wants to find some way to get more publicity. So she asked us to help her write a letter to Marie Osmond...apparently she has a new talk show....asking her if she would read her book and talk about it on her show. It was quite the experience...I have never written to a celebrity before. But hey, Carmen wrote to Larry King and he why not Marie? Then we went to supper with the Goodman's. They have some cute little baby puppies we got to play with and we had fun with them. When we walked out of their house, it was a complete blizzard!!!! So not fun to be a missionary in. We literally couldn't see in front of us and the roads were awful!! By the time we really got anywhere, it was time for us to go home. On Thursday I was actually so grateful it was weekly planning. It snowed all night and all day and we have at least a foot of snow! So needless to say we were grateful to have a reason to be indoors!! Then we had a lesson with Sandra. She is still progressing and tells us more stories of experiences she has had with the Holy Ghost throughout the week. It is pretty incredible. She is so amazing and told us that she just doesn't know what to do. She expressed that she wanted to come to church on Sunday...unfortunately something came up, but she said she would come next week! After that lesson, we had a quick correlation with Bro. Loewer. He wants our help to create a new ward mission plan. Hopefully we will be some help to him. Then we went to the Kearl's for supper. They are such a funny family and we had a evening full of laughs. We were also able to correlate with Sister Kearl about some of the changes that took place in the ward with the boundary changes. She is such a great RS pres! Then we had a lesson with the Ford's. We did a fun object lesson with them about the importance of keeping the commandments and what happens when we stop obeying. They like the fun lessons! That day, they had bought a legit popcorn the ones at the movies...but smaller....and they asked us to help them assemble it. We did as much as we could before we had to go home. I never thought it would take so much work... Friday we finished up our weekly took extra long because we had to update all of our maps and lists of everything. But it is all good. Then we met with Sister Jiang. We talked with her about Joseph Smith and the Restoration and the need for it. It was a great lesson. Then we went back to the Ford's house to finish building the popcorn popper...2 hours later we had it done. It would have been so much easier if all the hole were big enough for the screws that came with it. I have to say...I have become pretty handy on my mission. Then we had supper with the Sugden's. They are such a nice family and their kids are so cute! And finally we saw Christy. We taught her about service and how if you expect service, you need to be willing to serve others as well. Hopefully some of the things we teach her are sinking in. Saturday we were able to help Emerald again!! It was great to see her again! But we kind of started back at square one. She has so much stuff and it seems like nothing ever gets put away except for when we are there. I think she feels the spirit when we are there and she would really benefit from the gospel in her life! But it was great to be able to serve her! Then we went to a little party for Dillon. He used to be a ward missionary, but he leaves for his mission in a week to Fiji!!! So his mom put together a big going away party and we were invited. It was great because he had some nonmember friends and family there. He is going to be a great missionary. Then we had supper with Sister Ford...the boys wanted us to test out the new popcorn popper, but they were having too much fun over at their cousins house. But it gave us the opportunity to really talk to Sister Ford and help her feel of Heavenly Father's love for her! We had a great lesson with her. Sunday was church!! It was great and all the changes were in effect. It was a great fast Sunday and the spirit was incredible! Then we had supper with the Morgan's!! That family is so great! So we had a delicious meal full of some of our favorite foods! So since Sister Rice and I both love Mexican food...and you can't get it in Canada...she made some delicious Mexican dishes and then for dessert, she made my favorite cheesecake!! It was so yummy! Mom, I can't believe you didn't think there were Oreo's in made me laugh a little bit! Anyways we had a great time with them and they invited us to play a game of spoons with them. It was pretty intense and so much fun!! Then we were back at the Ford's...this time to really test out the popcorn popper. It totally works and we watched the John Tanner story with them. It was a great, but really cold week here in Canada! I hope you all had a great week as well! I am so grateful for the Atonement and for the privilege I have to watch people as they apply it into their lives! It is incredible how much people can change! I love being a missionary!! Have such a great week!! I love and miss you all!! Love, Sister Kaitlyn Marchant